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1981 Porsche 924

Four Seats

Daily hire - £99

Long Weekend (Fri-Mon) - £199

1981 Porsche 924

In Guards Red with black pinstripe/leather interior. An absolute one of a kind, totally original 1981 Porsche 924. We call her Sally.

Sally is a 27 years old nippy lady with an attitude and has lived the her entire life in the Notting Hill Classic Car Club Family. The 924 was the first front engined Porsche and the first with a liquid cooled engine.

This is truly a one of a kind classic sports car.

In the late 1970s a car appeared that seemed to offer everything the frustrated family man could desire. It was affordable, sporty, practical, spacious and had a badge on the bonnet that snapped knicker elastic at a thousand yards.

Porsche designed it for Volkswagen to sell as a cost-effective sports car and it did a fine job, giving it near-perfect balance, great looks and tough simple mechanics. But the bean counters at VW got cold feet after the 1972 oil crisis and sold the whole project back to Porsche at a bargain price.

Having a water cooled engine upfrot spawned a new design direction for Porsche that survived right into the mid-1990's and actually made enough money at a shaky time to keep the company afloat. Against the odds the 924 ran and ran but the pricey, prang-prone 911 was and still is the Porkers of choice.