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Porsche 911 Turbo

Four seats

Daily Hire - £495

Long Weekend (Fri-Mon) - £895

1985 Porsche 911 Turbo

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Manual, finished in Black with Pinstripe Leather interior. One of the very last classic Turbo shape.  Fitted with alloys, ABS brakes, power steering, electric windows and mirrors.

So you have come into a bit of cash. Football pools, premium bonds, pushing the mother-in-law downstairs. And what better way to expoilt your new found riches than by blowing the lot on another car?

The default supercar for the post-war European male is, was, and probably always will be the Porsche 911. Although finely honed and all too ordinary today, it was a unique proposition a few years back, both in terms of its appearance its handling. But for all its high-speed foibles, the 911 retained the respect of the motoring cognoscenti for its superior engineering and deft, albeit pregnable, agililty. And despite its relative modesty in terms of cost and appearance, it remains the ultimate automotive symbol of Thatcherite greed and power.